Tuesday, March 2, 2010


So this last weekend I up and moved my home and studio to a new location in Lake Forest Park (just north of Seattle). I hate moving - my back still aches and I am not done yet. Still unpacking boxes in the new place while I make plans to move the rest of my stuff in to storage for awhile. Even though I cant find anything I need in my new place yet.... I am actually excited to set up my new live/work space. It represents a fresh start and it is an opportunity for me to focus on how I can move forward in my art, my life and my business. I will be in this location for a short period of time while I wait for an artist loft space to finish being built out. I hope to move into that space in early summer.

I also just got the huge packet of documents back from the state for the formation of my new LLC! My new business name is: "Twisted Root Studio, LLC." I am excited about setting up my new business -- It will be a design studio where I create fashion and gifts for clients and for sale online. In addition, I will offer design services such as fabric design, presentation boards, and garment technical spec packs for wholesale companies. The products I create & offer will be under the name "House of Dyrdahl," "Twisted Root Studio" & possible other labels. I am really looking forward to developing some new products to sell.

More to come...